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barn side

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Horse Vs. Camel

As part of the lecture in class, I explained to the students the difference between a horse and camel. This concept relates to the process of design, but more specifically the testing or feedback phase.

Generally when a designer begins a project they meet with a client who has a design challenge, the designer then takes the client's information and develops it into a composition based upon the client's vision. After presenting the creation to the client, some of them give feed back to make minor changes, some love the design as is, but then some involve a third party in the critique process. This is where the camel is conceived.

After several people in the third party group have given their opinion on the design challenge, the client returns to the designer with various modifications that generally don't follow the vision or mission of the original design challenge. After the changes have been applied to the composition, the design then morphs from a majestic
thoroughbred into a rough worn camel.

The importance of this concept is to maintain integrity of a vision. There must always be a leader for a project that maintains the integrity of a project so that it is successful. Setting the vision of a horse and developing a horse.

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